When you register a domain name you select the period you’d like the register the domain for. Most people register their domain for 12 or 24 months. Once this period ends the domain needs to be renewed or it will “expire”. Once a domain name has expired it is released by your hosting provider to the open domain market where anyone can register the domain. 

Why Renewing Your Domain Is

no longer recieving emails?

When a domain name expires so do any email addresses associated with it. This means until you renew the domain name you will not be able to send or receive emails.

IMPORTANT: if you don't renew your domain anyone can register it and send and receive emails pretending to be you. You should renew all domains you have previously set up email addresses for, even if you no longer intend to use the domain.

Hackers & CyberCriminals

Expired domain names are a huge security concern for a number of reasons. The first being hackers routinely register expired domain names to get access to online accounts including banking, social media and even your website. They can use this to post embracing and sensitive content about you or your business.

They can do this by purchasing the domain and using the password reset function, receiving a reset link and locking you out.

Brand Protection

If your domain is sold on the open market anyone can register it and put up their own website. This includes competitors who want to sell rival products or services. If your domain name is "parked" ads and click-bait will appear to anyone who visits the domain address.

Needless to say this is terrible for your brand image but may also hamper the search friendliness of any future domain name you register, as Google's algorithms favour older domains your old (parked) website may appear before your new one in search results!

My Domain Name Has Been Bought

If your domain name has expired and been purchased by someone else we can help you buy it off them through our domain brokerage service. If your domain has been bought by us please get in touch.

I want to renew my domain Name

If you want to renew your domain name through us and it is still available on the open market we can register and host it for you. We can also set up your website and custom mailboxes. Get in touch for a quote.

Frequently Asked

This very much depends on your domain name’s status. If it has been registered it will be up to the domains new owner to set a price. If the domain name is on the open market then you can register it through any domain registrar. If your domain name has not yet expired your current hosting provider will set the renewal price.

You can check this using the whois database, a domain lookup service which will give you the contact details of the current domain owner. Some domain owners opt for private registration meaning their details may not be available to the public, in which case get in touch with us and we can trace the owner for you. 

There are many reasons why someone may want to register your expired domain. The internet is fully of bad actors who might want to imitate you to scam your customers, alternatively it may be someone innocently registering a domain for a similarly named business. 

Domains are like commodities and can be commercially traded in domain auctions like Sedo or Flippa. Domain brokerages often bulk buy domain names with a view to selling them at auction or selling them on to prospective private buyers.

You can register your domain name for up to 5 years depending on the extension (.com,.co.uk, .org etc). Whoever you register it with is obliged by law to notify you at least 60 days before it expires again so make sure you keep your email and phone number up-to-date with your hosting provider so you don’t miss any renewal reminders. 

Most domain registrars also have an automatic renewal service to make sure there is no lapse in ownership. 

Once the domain owner releases it us it takes up to 24 hours for the domain to be transferred to your hosting account. As soon as the domain name is transfered you can set up your emails, website etc and enjoy full ownership of the domain.  Public domain ownership details in the Whois database may take 1-2 days to update.