Securing your ideal domain is step one is any effective digital marketing strategy. It is the communications hub of your business and the core of your digital presence. 

If your ideal domain is already owned by somebody else we can help you secure your dream domain at a fair price. We handle all of the negotiations as well as the technical aspects of transferring ownership of the domain.

We also use escrow services to make the transaction risk and worry free.

Initial Interest

We'll reach out to the domain owner and express an interest in the domain name on your behalf. We will gauge whether the owner is willing to sell the domain name, keeping your identity entirely anonymous.

If the domain owner is willing to sell we will establish the sellers price points and analyse whether the price accurately reflects the domain's value.

Making an Offer

We will appraise the domain and discuss a good starting point for negotiations. We will also agree a maximum price with you and liaise with the other party to reach an agreement everyone is happy with.

We will provide all the paperwork including the contract of sale giving you full ownership over the domain.

Domain Transfer & Escrow

Once we have secured your domain name we will initiate the process of transferring the domain name to your hosting provider and updating the ownership information with the registry.

When the domain is successfully transferred we will release the funds to the seller completing the transaction.

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